NEXTECH AR virtual event platform

company: nextech ar solutions

Role: UX/ui design

These are some of the pages and features that I worked on for the virtual events platform.

event Registration page

Clients come to Nextech AR for the ability to customize their event registration landing page, such as the top and bottom bars as well as the page background and the promotional banner. Attendees can then share with others, add to calendar and, of course, register at the sticky top or bottom nav bars, desktop and mobile respectively.

navigation bar & menu

Problem: clients wished to add as many pages/menu items as they could to their events. These items had to be easily accessible.

Solution: A dropdown menu from a top navigation bar that allows for enough responsiveness in order to add up to 5 columns of items. Another feature of the nav bar is that it can be dark or light, accommodating for all logo designs.
The ‘Live’ menu was an extra feature added for quick access to all live streams.


A way for event organizers to engage attendees in virtual events is to add some form of gamification. Given our backend capabilities at the time, we were able to raise the type of data we could gamify and then create categories that simplified the game. Illustrations, colours and general placement information instigate users to play and earn prizes.


In order to help users have the best experience throughout the duration of the event, I created an ecosystem of notifications for several event scenarios and user stories.

Below are all the notifications opportunities explored from users’ pains and gains identified through stakeholders’ interviews.



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