project for bring back main street challenge

Role: uX/UI design, research, systems thinking

synthesis map - research, problem finding, framing and solution proposal

This is a personal project, currently in progress.

As part of the Bring Back Main Street Design Challenge, I am proposing a missing link that challenges the law of entropy, which states that all things of a closed system tend towards disorder. As change makers, communities have the ability to constantly repair disordered systems by encouraging themselves to collectively innovate in favour of safety, inclusion and, ultimately, success. This project’s purpose is to offer small but effective changes towards entire systems, main street by main street.

Mainmoirs is a conversation-starter that features a digital-based interactive environment that stores resources, stories and reveal
s potential connections between business owners and community contributors by the juxtaposition of storytelling and shared concerns for the community. The digital environment will include several touch points designed to inspire significant acts of change in the real world, namely a sense of togetherness, collaboration and activation of mutual spaces within the main streets.

This concept project suggests an open platform with resources for community visitors, local businesses and social support venues that aim to inform about community improvements on safety, inclusion and economic thriving of the main streets, mid and post pandemic. Also, it acts as a tool that prepares and engages communities for unforeseeable changes in the geographic or economic landscape.

The environment would be potentially fed into by business owners and supported by local neighbourhoods.



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